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May 3, 2017:

Catherina Macek and Peter Allen Locations recently reached an agreement for CM to purchase the Home Library.

Please contact Cat to arrange for inquiries on clearing, scouting, or booking a home or business. Please read questions at the bottom of this page before calling.

Catherina (Cat) Macek

The Home Library will migrate to Cat's web site soon.

Peter remains available for file pulls, consultations, and scouts of non-residential proerties. Please call him directly for those services, or to get together for coffee or beer.

RATES (all rates are subject to change):

Location Fee: Everything is negotiable but the price usually is in the range of $1,500 - $3,500 per day, depending on the house and scale of shoot. Prep & wrap days are typically charged at 1/2 the shoot day rate.

The location fee is paid directly to the property owner and is due on the first day of shoot or prep.

There is typically an OT (overtime) charge of $200 - 300 per hour. Cleaning fees are typically a one time charge of $150 - 250.

If a homeowner is required to vacate the home overnight then a housing and food allowance will be required.

Booking Fee: Standard fee is $800 per location, per shoot. Higher fees may apply in certain situations. Future use of the location for additional shoots must be booked through Catherina Macek and an additional booking fee paid. Rate is subject to change.

Location Clearing & Scouting: Cat charges time and expenses for clearing houses, scheduling scouts, scouting days (director and / or tech scouts), and booking the location. Please contact Cat directly for current rates. Generally invoice projects are charged $100 more per day than payroll projects.

Please note --- Catherina Macek is an independent business and Cat is NOT an employee or sub-contractor of Peter Allen Locations. Cat is free to suggest locations out of her own files, or to scout for you, if nothing from the PAL Libraries or files is suitable for your shoot.

Misc. Fees & Expenses:

File Pull Fee: $400 minimum. Large pulls may cost more.

NOTE: There is no file pull charge if you wish to look through the Home or Location Library on your own and present a list of choices to be cleared.

Location Manager: Depending on the scope/size of the project, as well as the house chosen, it may be a requirement for Cat, or someone we designate, to location manage the shoot at the usual day rate plus expenses.

House prep: There usually are also costs in renting or buying protective floor and wall covering (clean mats and furniture pads can be rented, corrugated cardboard and layout board can be purchased). Most homeowners request that the production company put protective material on the floors and walls. If your shoot is tiny or exterior only, this may not be necessary.


All locations used in a shoot are to be issued a Certificate of Insurance from the producing company's insurance carrier, naming the property owner (and property manager, if needed) as an Additional Insured on the producing company's insurance policy.

COI's are also required to be issued to Peter Allen Locations and Catherina Macek per shoot if any locations are used in the shoot.


No smoking inside the building.

Limit food and drink to kitchen area or other predetermined areas.

Be kind & gentle - booties for the crew, mats for equipment cases, etc.

Leave the home cleaner than you found it.

Please bring bathroom supplies: TP, soap, paper towels.

Please be very quiet on arrival if arriving before 8 AM or for weekends.

Please take all garbage with you at the end of the shoot.

Before you call with an inquiry:

The following information will be useful to have before a location is contacted.

1. How big is the crew --- total including production staff, clients, talent, pet handlers, parents of young models, etc.

2. Length of day from very first arrival to very last departure.

3. Any special decor - holidays, birthday party, etc.? Pets? Special effects?

4. Are you shooting video or stills or both?

5. Sound recording?

6. Top secret - i.e. homeowner has to leave for day?

7. Fee - budget range? (For the location, not including the booking fee, file pulls, scouting, permiting, parking, etc.)

8. Scouting: Do you need to scout the house before the shoot?

9. Who is the final client and what is the product or service being shot?



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