Info for Film & Photo Shoots – October 2010


Garage welcomes shoots of all types.  This info sheet is intended to help guide you through the process of deciding whether Garage meets the needs for your shoot and the booking process.


As of November 1, 2010 booking of Garage for all shoots will be done through Peter Allen Locations (PAL).  Please contact PAL at 206-601-1585 or via e-mail at


Scouting Garage:  Click here to see pictures of Garage: GARAGE

Or visit the Peter Allen Locations web site at and click on the Locations button.  Additional photos may be found in the Photo Log on the Garage web site:  If an additional scout is needed please contact PAL.


Availability of Garage:  Garage is open to the public 7 days a week from 3 PM to 2 AM.  In addition to regular open hours Garage books special events through out the year during off-hours.  Garage’s busiest times of year are December and January.  Slowest months are June – August.  Busiest day of the week is Friday.  Slowest day of the week is Monday.  Please call PAL to discuss available dates and times.


NOTE:  Every day the Garage staff starts prep and maintenance at 10 AM.  Productions need to be aware that preparing Garage to open for business takes priority over the shoot.


Shoots must be finished and clear of the building by 2 PM unless arranged in advance.


Shoot Guidelines:


1.   Fees & Permits:  The fee for a shoot depends on the nature of the shoot, impact on operations, and date and time of the shoot.  The minimum fee for any type of shoot is $500.  In addition to the location fee paid to Garage the production will pay a booking fee to PAL.  All fees are due upon arrival for the shoot.


     Any permits needed for the shoot are the responsibility of the production company to arrange and pay.


     If the production needs location management assistance to get permits, do any prep work, or to run the shoot PAL can provide needed services for an additional fee or day rate.


2.   Insurance & Damage:  All productions must issue Garage a Certificate of Insurance naming them as an additional insured for liability and property damage with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000.  Damage to the premises will be repaired by a Garage approved contractor.


3.   Overtime Charges:  All shoots must be finished and out of the building by 2 PM.  Overtime charges on a pro-rated hourly basis will apply to any shoot not finished when scheduled.  Please allow enough time in your schedule to strike all equipment and to clean and restore the premises.


4.   Power:  Companies are permitted to use house power but must be prepared to deal with lack of power in certain area.  A generator is recommended for shoots using the Billiards Hall as it has a limited number of circuits available to use.


5.   Sound:  Garage staff begins work each day at 10 AM.  In some cases the kitchen may begin prep at 9 AM.  Absolute quiet cannot be guaranteed.


6.   Staffing:  A manager needs to be on site during any and all shoots.  Cost of the manager is included in the fee.  Garage wait, bar, and kitchen staff are generally NOT available to work shoots unless there is a special need.  Any staff needed for the shoot beyond the manager on duty will be charged at an OT rate.


7.   Food & Drink:  Companies are permitted to bring in craft service and catered meals.   Prop food and beverages are the responsibility of the production to provide.  Garage stock may NOT be used.  Garage’s kitchens are generally not available for use by the company unless part of the shoot and must be arranged prior to the shoot.


8.   Clean-up:  Any area used by the company for shooting, staging, craft service, and catering must be cleaned up by the end of the shoot (2 PM).


9.   Furniture:  Any item that is bolted down and other major furniture pieces may NOT be moved during the shoot.  Any smaller, loose furniture moved during the shoot must be put back in place by the end of the shoot (2 PM).


10. Pool Tables:  Pool tables may NOT be moved.  No equipment or people may be placed on the pool tables.


11. Walls:  Nothing can be attached to painted walls except with prior permission.


12. Tape:  No tape can be used on the floors except low tack tape for marking spots for equipment or talent.  To secure cable runs and equipment please use mats or sandbags.


13. Smoking:  Per public health laws smoking is not permitted inside Garage or within 25 feet of the doors.  Smoking as part of the action is allowed only during takes.  The production company must provide butt cans for scenes requiring smoking.  A permit for smoking action may be required from the King County Department of Health.  Call 206-296-4600 for more information.


14. Use of bowling lanes as a camera position:  The bowling lanes are very slippery as they are oiled every day.  If access onto the lanes is needed for the shoot it must be done under manager supervision.  No people or equipment may be placed in the gutters or on the end caps.   Prior to lane access the production company must sign an acknowledgement of the danger inherent in use of the lanes.


15. Machine Rooms:  The pin setting machine rooms may be used in a shot only with prior permission and when the machines are NOT in use.


16. Parking:  Parking is the responsibility of the production company.  There are metered spaces on Broadway, E. Union St., and Broadway Court that may be reserved via a permit from the City of Seattle Film Office.  Contact Chris Swenson at the Film Office for more info.


Chris Swenson

Film Program Coordinator

Mayor's Office of Film & Music


e-mail      Chris.Swenson@Seattle.Gov

home page


There is a Diamond Parking garage one building to the south of Garage at 1120 Broadway.  Payment requires a credit card.  To reserve space in advance call the Diamond Parking Services office at 206-284-6303.  The lot number is 3903.


Additional parking may be found in the neighborhood at garages and lots.


17. After hour shoots:  Please note that while Garage is located in a business district there is a hotel on the same block (Silver Cloud Inn).  Shoots that take place between the hours of 10 PM and 7 AM may require a noise variance.  Please call Chris Swenson at the City of Seattle Film Office to discuss your situation.


18. Art Work:  All art work on display is by Jill Rosenast, co-owner of Garage, and is cleared to shoot as a back ground element.  If art work is featured in a shot written permission is required and may be subject to a use fee.